seven Songs Ep

by Twelve Days Of Fitness

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released July 1, 2010

recorded @ CDM Citta Della Musica

Mastered @ Atlantis Studio Milano



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Track Name: Oneida
Hit reset, reset time and time again
I can’t give a thing your way to believe in your heart, to believe in your soul.
Turn again

Show me the perfect feel – so incredibile direction – I just call the lonely sea – I can’t believe

You gonna shoot’em you know come in oh no shooting false signs grow up the sense i sto know show me that sinner you know grow up some more show me that sinner you know in a lone lone city.

Buried myself alive
I’m a victim of attraction
Nobody talks to me
I can’t believe

I feel you warm, you feel so cold, be me

I just call the lonely sea, for a mind satisfaction, show me the truth in me, I can’t believe.
Track Name: Chinese Glad Eno
Chinese Glad Eno

Any roads it could be the choice to think and surviving.
Some places I should like a world to see without fail.
And do you know where you could be.
Cross fire in my music tape wild frequency.
Silence play softly rain in the highland.
In the grass so quite.

Is the convenience go back to my lazy mind, take a photograph of sin.

In the grass so quite.
is the pure purpose
Track Name: Lodo

To come in, like rider of the stars, inside my veins, make right the shape, inside my veins, to grow up, inside my veins, to blow up.
Track Name: Tree Love Song
tree Love Song

I'm a tree and i wanna make a travel with you...
Track Name: Charles & I
It’s possible to love a human being

It you don’t know them to well
Genius might be the ability to say

a profound thing in a simple way

If you’re losing your soul

And you know it

If you’re losing your soul
Track Name: Montecarlo:Enzo's Song
Montecarlo Enzo’s Song

First greens, where’s the place, broche me God? Walking through the park, my shadow hides in tree shadows. Summer rain at the bottom of the sky. Walking without shoes. Camp in the rain, the vodka bottle is full again.
Track Name: Ieri:Pioggia

Taste your grey feet

Just to still alive

Don’t be a prom to be – there

Stay infront

So lazy faces another tune, sing another prison brain for you

Oh lazy faces another sense of your – shame – they walk through us.

Come down by the stairs, I’m crumble like a rock, Lean against on the knees, Some days some disease.
Leave myself to burn